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C-552: Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

"Donnie" was born with an opening in the lower spine (spina bifida) and fluid on the brain (hydrocephalus). Medical doctors advised his parents that he probably would not live. During the first 16 months of his life, he had nine surgeries and lived. When admitted to The Center at 1-1/2 years of age, he had seizures requiring Phenobarbital, allergies, kidney infections requiring medication, chronic constipation, and was unable to sit, stand or walk.

The Center's out-patient clinic provided a free comprehensive evaluation which revealed several functional disorders in addition to his many other problems. Chiropractic Analysis revealed a severe atlas rotation (8 degrees). Trace Mineral Analysis indicated a malabsorption disorder as well as elevated levels of toxic minerals (lead, cadmium and nickel).

During "Donnie's" first 2 years at The Center, his seizures, infections and more surgeries were constant problems. Clinic care, which included spinal adjustments, natural remedies and nutritional supplements continued to build his resistance. "Donnie" was enrolled in The Center's special education classes at the age of 2-1/2, and continued to receive clinic care while in school.

During the next several months, "Donnie" (now 5) had no infections, no surgeries, good bowel movements and his seizures were controlled by medication. He has just completed his third year in the Developmental Readiness Program of our Special School and has shown improvements in language, self-awareness, social skills, motor skills and cognitive areas. He has began attending kindergarten in public schools.

"Donnie" is like an angel, especially when he looks at you and says "I love you." You should see him wheel "Zippy" (his wheelchair) by himself. This "young man" is destined for great things if his past demonstration of determination is the controlling factor. His mother says, "The Center has been wonderful for him. We couldn't ask for anything better. Thank God for the people at Kentuckiana Children's Center."

— Tracy Barnes, D.C., D.I.I.C.P.


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