A Word from the Webmaster

Creating the Kentuckiana Web Site was truly a "labor of love" for me and I hope you enjoy your visit. Please, take just a moment to listen to my brief story about Justin and how you can become a Kentuckiana Internet Friend.

My commitment to Kentuckiana began 21 years ago because of a screaming, sick 2 year old child named Justin.  Justin was "dying" (his parents' words) when he was brought to our office. He had cerebral palsy but that was the least of his problems. Justin was in such agony that it prevented a proper physical or radiological examination.

Chiropractic treatment was begun and after Justin's 6th adjustment, this sweet beautiful child got off the table, slowly walked over to me . . . and hugged my leg!! Even to this day, I do not have the words to adequately express how that affected me.

Justin knew chiropractic was healing him even before his parents or I did. I walked out of the adjusting room, leaned against the hallway wall and literally started crying. It affected me like no other patient had ever affected me or has affected me since. I suddenly realized then that if I could make changes like that with chiropractic, then just think what the experts at Kentuckiana could do.

As a result of Justin's hug, I made a vow right then to send a monthly contribution to Kentuckiana for the rest of my life. I started immediately with $25.00 monthly contributions (when I really couldn't afford it) and increased it significantly as I was able. I am proud to say that I have not missed a single month since. It is my way of reminding me on a monthly basis of what a tremendous healing art we have in our hands.

And by the way, Justin was in the office today (5/7/00) for his regular adjustment. He is a strong, handsome, brilliant young man of 23.  He just graduated from Emporia State University after spending his summers giving to others by working with cerebral palsy campers.  He was recently accepted to medical school and this fall will enter the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

If I were never able to help another human being, Justin made my career in chiropractic worth it all by himself.

If doctors of chiropractic want to help children in need, they should support the only true chiropractic charity -- Kentuckiana. There are plenty of folks that will help the glamorous medical charities. If doctors of chiropractic and chiropractic patients do not support the children at Kentuckiana, then who . . .?

And now here's the plea for help.  Kentuckiana is asking every person who visits this site to become a Kentuckiana Internet Friend.

The cost is about what you pay your local internet service provider . . . $20 a month.  It's a very special way to help some very special children!

James D. Edwards, D.C., F.I.C.C.
Kentuckiana Children's Center Webmaster
2708 W. 12th Avenue
Emporia, Kansas 66801
Phone (620) 342-3188
Fax (620) 342-5208
Web page: http://www.jamesedwards.com


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