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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Autism. Manic-Depression. These combined diagnoses are quite a mouthful for anyone, particularly young Tucker, who at the age of 4 has been labeled with all three disorders. Tucker’s mom came to Kentuckiana for yet another opinion. Her son was already on three strong medications that have toxic side effects. He was not toilet trained. He had a habit of eating dirt and of grinding his teeth. In addition, Tucker’s verbal skills sharply declined at 15 months of age.

Except for a difficult birth that resulted in a C-section and a severe case of the "croup" at 15 months no other catalysts could be identified for the deterioration in Tucker’s development. Until the age of 12 to 15 months his early behavior was that of any active, healthy, vocal child. Then his ability to communicate with his mother diminished to odd vocal noises and pointing gestures.

The treatment that Tucker began receiving at Kentuckiana in 1998 was designed to address the aspects of his health that were out of balance. Dr. Liesman has worked patiently with Tucker, sometimes getting down on the floor with him for treatment. Gentle chiropractic adjustments and nutritional counseling have been an integral part of his care.

In the beginning, Tucker could bite the metal end off a pencil, and the sound of his teeth grinding was chilling. However, the bruxism has decreased so dramatically that his teachers have commented on the change. On Tucker’s last visit, he held his jaw up to Dr. Liesman’s hand to indicate that he needed another adjustment to help his teeth. This once "wild" and "hyperactive" child now comes to the clinic and momentarily lies still on the chiropractic table to await Dr. Liesman’s care.

Tucker’s mother notes that since receiving treatment at Kentuckiana, her son’s eye contact has greatly improved. He has even been smiling and showing more facial expression. This child who once had a very limited diet is now trying new things. Tucker has a long way to go to overcome his many hardships, but with continued care and attention, we believe that this special child and his mother have a healthy future.

— Tracy Barnes, D.C., D.I.I.C.P.


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